Why Garden Organically?

     Gardening organically is both a good practice for the earth and for your health. Did you know for example, that when you eat so called “conventionally grown” food that it WASN’T conventional until the 1950s when someone came up with the insane idea of using left over stockpiles of biological warfare chemicals on crops to kill insects? Before that time “conventional” meant organic.. the natural way.

     Organically grown food is not only better for you, it’s also better for the planet. We now have super bugs, super weeds, and dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and our oceans because of so called conventional farming. Not only that, but our immune systems are compromised due to lack of proper nutrition, and it’s getting worse.

     When you eat “conventional” foods you are getting less nutrition than you do with organic foods… which as I said, compromises your immune system. Pesticides, herbicides and nitrogen phosphate fertilizers kill beneficial bacteria in the soil which are necessary for the plants to draw minerals from the earth. Essentially our soil on U.S. farms, and especially on agri-business farms, is all dead. The only healthy farm soil in this country today is on organic farms.

     I’ve been gardening organically since the early ’80s.. and the quality of food when you have your own garden even surpasses what you can buy in an organic market. There is absolutely NOTHING like going out to the garden and picking a red, ripe tomato and eating it on the spot. The taste is incredible. When you discover the way a tomato is SUPPOSED to taste, you will never again settle for less.