Welcome To The Organic Gardening Blog

Where You Can Learn How To Build Your Own Back Yard Raised Bed Organic Garden Or Greenhouse, Or Even Set Up Your Own Hydroponics Growing System!

This website was born out of my passion for organic gardening and to help spread the word about the importance of both growing and eating Organic foods. My love for growing things goes all the way back to my childhood with my grandfather, who was a Nebraska farmer for most of the first half of the 20th century. I still remember going out and riding on his old John Deere tractor with him when he’d go out to the fields,  helping out in their own garden, and gathering eggs from the chicken coop, and searching the tree line for any that the chickens had laid while they were out.

There was something magical about being on that farm that I really loved.. ok.. maybe not the crabby old sow that chased me across the pen so much.. but I dearly loved the fields of corn, the vegetable garden and the chickens . In those days farming was all Organic.. there were no pesticides and no herbicides, and NO Genetically Modified anything.

Your body gets more nutrition from organic foods and it doesn’t have to work to try and heal from the poison you eat when you eat agribusiness food. With those you can’t NOT eat poison because nowadays they use systemic poison that’s INSIDE the plant and it can’t be washed off!

So please enjoy the site.. It’s still being developed so watch for my upcoming Ebook and products that will help you to become an organic gardener, create an aquaponics system, or build your own greenhouse.

And if I can be of any help to you please get in touch!

Why Go Organic?

There are a myriad of reasons to eat (and grow) Organic foods. They have more nutrients than “conventionally” grown food, they also have a longer shelf life, they are obviously far more environmentally friendly, and most importantly you aren’t eating pesticides, herbicides and chemicals from the human waste sludge that’s being used in farming today when you eat organic.

And as importantly, we are destroying our ecosystem with the poisons we are putting in the soil and in water than then runs off into waterways or makes it’s way into our groundwater. We’re causing mutations in animals, killing birds, bees, fish, and on and on.. and it has to stop.

The Dangers Of Pesticides And Herbicides

Organic Gardening and Farming isn’t just about our health.. it’s about the entire planet. Because of agribusiness in general we’re creating an absolute nightmare on the only home we’ve got. If you want to see the real danger (that’s even bigger than pesticides and herbicides) check out my video page and watch the video on human waste biosludge they’re using these days and calling it fertilizer.

Organic Food And Health

Eating organic is more important than ever for your health. Why? Because 25 of the most widely known pesticides are known to cause cancer, as is the herbicide glyphosate, known by the public as Roundup, and to make matters worse the government not only allows but promotes the use of human waste on our farmland. We are literally poisoning ourselves when we eat non organic foods. The sludge now being used on our farmland contains thousands of “forever” chemicals, including discarded medications and even opiods, and we’re eating it all if we eat non organic food. It’s little wonder the US population has the health crisis it does, we’re causing it by eating chemically polluted food.

Creating Your Own Backyard Garden

This website is not only to help people realize the dangers of pesticides,  herbicides and chemicals used in today’s farming practices to our health and to the earth and it’s myriad of creatures, but also to help you become at least partly self sufficient by creating a garden of your own.

Obviously not everyone has the ability to do that because not everyone has a back yard, but you CAN set up a hydroponic system or garden even on the balcony of an apartment, and you can even do it in your home with sufficient lighting or by using a grow light.

Here are a few examples of some gardening ideas that might help you get started with your own.

If you have a backyard full of grass (that you can’t eat) here’s an idea for nice sloped area with bark laid down to prevent weed growth. This was my own garden in a suburb of Maryland by the way.

Or how about corrugated metal? I’m not sure I’d go this route because I prefer wood, but these make some nice metal enclosures for your garden space. This person also chose to lay down plastic over the grass, which works, but I recommend digging the grass out and laying mulch over it instead.

Who says you can’t have a raised bed garden in an urban setting? This is a pretty ingenious solution to the problem of how to garden when your back yard is paved over.