Why Everyone Should Go Organic

     Organic gardening isn’t just about growing your own food.. it’s about the health of our planet and our health as well. There are a variety of reasons TO grow organically, and absolutely none to grow conventionally. Organic foods have more nutrition than conventional foods, they are free of pesticides and herbicides, most of which are known carcinogens, and organic growing supports and sustains the planet and the natural ecosystem.

     I do organic gardening to sustain good health, and I buy organic at the grocers for that reason as well as to support responsible agriculture practices and businesses who care about our well being and that of the earth. It is well known that organic foods have more vitamins and minerals than their pesticide grown counterparts.. and they also are free of poisons. Nowadays it’s even more important to grow organically than ever before.

     Previously it was possible to at least wash off pesticides from produce, but that is no longer the case. Pesticides are now being put on the seeds, so as the plant grows the poisons are taken up INTO the plant and then the vegetables. In this kind of agriculture there si no possibility of not consuming poison because it’s inside of the food and not on it. This practice has also been linked to the disappearance of honey bees. Pesticides are neurotoxins, and when the bees take in the pollen they are being poisoned.

     Another important reason to adopt organic agriculture is the earth. Agribusiness is rapidly killing the planet and destroying the very farmland that sustains us. The reason for this is because herbicides, pesticides and the fertilizers used today kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil that are responsible for breaking down the soil so the plant can take in what it needs to provide us with full nutrition. Then the poisons wash off the land with rain, and we end up with enormous dead zones in the oceans.

     I find it ironic that before the middle of the last century, what is now known as “conventional” agriculture was non existent, and the convention then was organic. Now however, small family farms are all but gone and our food is grown by gigantic corporations who have no concern for our health or that of the planet. Their only concern is profit. So the choice is ours. We have enormous power in what we choose to buy. So go organic.. whether it’s in the grocery store or in your own back yard. You and your children both will be happy you did.