What You Need To Know About Natural Fertilizers

     When you want to make sure that your yard and garden look great, you’ll find that one thing that you need to consider is natural fertilizers. Gardens do a great deal better with just a little bit of help, and you’ll find that you can easily do so without resorting to chemical additives of artificial fertilizers. You’ll find that natural fertilizers are a great way to add nutrients to the soil and to make sure that your produce look great!

     When considering natural fertilizers or making your own, you’ll find that they should always contain three things. Nitrogen is meant to promote the growth of better foliage, while phosphates are in place to ensure good root development. Potassium is good for the overall health of the plant. You’ll find that when you buy commercial fertilizers that they will have these three ingredients, but they will get them in ways that are harmful to the environment.

     When you are considering natural fertilizers, remember that compost is a great place to start. If you don’t have a compost pile, now is a great time to start, and you’ll find that you can encourage healthy bacteria in your garden as well as increase the production of healthy nitrogen. Spreading compost on your plants is a good way to kick off your organic gardening.

     You’ll also find that a mix of grass clippings, mulch and seaweed can go a long way in your garden as well. If you live near a beach, you can collect seaweed for your garden, and after it is rinsed out, you can put it directly on the soil. Grass clippings can also be applied to the garden beds, but remember not to apply it too liberally, as too much grass decomposition will make the soil acidic through the creation of ammonia

     Another great natural fertilizer is animal manure. Remember that the best ones to use are horse, chicken or cow manure, and that when you dig it into the soil, it will help conserve nitrogen. Don’t just spread it on the soil, as most of the nutritional potential will be washed away very easily. When using manure, remember that fresh manure should be kept away from young plants, to prevent the tender roots from being burned. Also if you’re doing a back yard garden a fish emulsion fertilizer works really well. I used that for my gardens and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

     If you take a look around I think you’ll be sure to find plenty of natural fertilizer options all around you, and if not you can always go to your local gardening center. You’ll find that with just a little bit of work, you can really make your garden look great without a single chemical additive!