DIY Greenhouse

Build Your Own Hydroponic or Aquaponic Greenhouse!


This is an awesome ebook!

Included in its 233 pages are complete plans, supply lists, photos and diagrams, and all the operating advice you need to:

* Build a 12×12 custom Solexx insulated greenhouse from PVC hoops and Solexx panels

* Build a large aquaponic tank setup from a used ICB tote

* Keep a good supply of Tilapia thriving in your greenhouse tank at all times.

* Build a simple but incredible solar power pack to run the greenhouse ENTIRELY WITHOUT electricity (although it also runs- with very little power use- on electricity).

* Learn several ways to cool down your greenhouse in the summer, making year-round food production a reality.

* Learn how to maximize greenhouse plan crop production by planting vining veggies and growing UP!

* Build any one of the following hydroponic systems (We include with this purchase a complete 98-page copy of Simon’s Simple Hydroponic Plans… usually sold for $19.95 alone):

-HydroPad PVC Stand

-Ebb & Flow

-Top Feed Bato Buckets

-Lettuce Raft

-Bubbler Bucket

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